Cut Moose

is dedicated to creating innovative and challenging performances that highlight under-represented perspectives on contemporary narratives.

Our collaborations result in works that combine a sculptural analysis of the creation of the performance space and elements there within, together with investigating the participatory role of the audience in creating and experiencing the performance.

Helen Ainsworth

(designer and puppeteer)

Helen works as a professional puppeteer across Europe, designing for theatres and delivering community art projects.

She approaches the construction of the puppet as a sculptural object. Her work explores the influence of constructional matter and form on the analysis and presentation of the puppet character on stage and the investigation through play of the theatre that thus ensues.

With "Occasionally Ovid" ("Sublimely well performed, a must for puppet fans and a great show to introduce you to this art form" - Fringereview) she was rewarded as "Outstanding One Woman Performance" at Cluj International Puppet Festival (2012) and as "Most Original Production" at Prague International Puppet Art Festival (2010).

Irene Ros

(theatre director, multimedia artist)

Irene is a theatre and performance practitioner producing work that is fuelled by interdisciplinary research.

Her work has been constantly inspired by politics, gender equality and the media. She ran the Italian company Ursa Maior for 10 years before moving to London in 2012.
Ursa Maior projects have been supported by the National Agency of the European Union, Padua University, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of Berlin, Women Centre of Bologna, Italian Cultural Institute of London. She performed at the Brighton (2013) and at the Edinburgh (2014) Fringe (“Possibly the most eclectic and sideways commemoration of the First World War” - The Scotsman).

Over the past two years, she challenged the concepts of representation and participation through different forms, such as site responsive performances, immersive and participatory installations.