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Hilldrop Artistic Takeover

Hilldrop Artistic Takeover is a free multimedia workshop for young people that takes place during school terms.

From March 2023

The Hilldrop Artistic Takeover evolves and changes according to the needs of the residents! We are proud to present the Creative Dinners! From March 2023, the Tuesday workshop will become a family-friendly zone!

Supported by the Islington Food Fund, Cripplegate.

September 2022 - March 2023

Tuesday:  The Zone Youth Centre from 4:00 to 5:30pm for 11-14yr


Wednesday: Hilldrop Community Centre from 4:00 to 5:30pm for 10-13yr

The activities are designed together with the participants: looking forward to meeting new young creative people!

Cut Moose is an Arts Award Centre, to help you on your path to Bronze and Silver Awards!

Hilldrop Artistic Takeover 2022/3 poster

Here you can watch Hilldrop Artistic Takeover's contribution to the film competition The Everyday Fantastic. The film was ideated and developed by the participants during sessions funded by Islington Giving.

Logo Islington Giving

Here is the interactive map created by the participants in 2021: print the map using this link and enjoy a walk in St George's neighbourhood! The workshop was funded by the Ragdoll Foundation.

Interactive map of St George's neighbourhood.
Poster of Hilldrop Artistic Takeover: FREE multimedia workshop - age group 11-14 yr -> 16:00-17:30. Film making, video editing, theatre and performance making, collaborative games, photography, puppetry, storytelling, writing.

From late April to the beginning of July 2020, during the first covid19 lockdown, the workshops were conducted online on multiple platforms. The project was supported by Islington Council’s Community Chest: funded by Islington Council, in partnership with Cripplegate Foundation.

Islington Cripplegate Foundation
Collage showing a chair, some croissants, a cat, some mushrooms, some windows, Zeus, the drawing of a boy with a toaster instead of his head
Collage - creation of an imaginary space